Outreach & Service

2021-2022 |Graduate Student Representative liaison between the graduate students and faculty in the North Carolina State University Department of Applied Ecology.

2018-2021 | Volunteer on the selection committee and pen-pal program for the American Fisheries Society Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program.

2017-2021| Aquaculture Facility Guide tour guide to several groups that visit North Carolina State University aquaculture facilities: The Lake Wheeler Fish Barn and Grinnell’s Animal Health Laboratory in Raleigh, NC and the Pamlico Aquaculture Field Laboratory in Aurora, NC.

Tour groups have included visiting scientists from the James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory at Sandy Hook of the NOAA Fisheries Northeast Fisheries Science Center; Exploring the Earth Summer Camp, Boy Scouts of America, and NC Aquaculture Development Conference Farm Tour attendees.

2018 | Content Designer produced a poster on North Carolina Aquaculture that was displayed at the North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Carter-Finley Football Day.

Citation: Andersen, L.K., Reading, B.J., Daniels, H.V., Hinshaw, J., Borski, R.J., and Hall, S. 2018. Aquaculture in North Carolina. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Carter-Finley Football Day. October 6. Raleigh, NC, USA.

The aquaculture production numbers published in this poster are from 2017 and were presented at the spring 2018 NC Aquaculture Development Conference

2018 | Volunteer Instructor of the aquatics curriculum to the Margaret B. Pollard Middle School Envirothon team.

2018 | Exhibitor at the Never Home Alone: A Gala of Stories, Foods, and Insights from the Study of Life in Homes hosted by Dr. Robert Dunn.

2018 | Volunteer Judge for the Fisheries & Aquatics category presentations across age groups at the 2018 State 4-H Presentation Finals in Raleigh, NC.

2018 | Representative of the US Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society booth at the North Carolina Aquaculture Development Conference in New Bern, NC.

2016 | Representative of the US Environmental Protection Agency Office of Environmental Education at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC.

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